Protection project from the dangers of floods – city of Abu Rudeis – South Sinai Governorate

Project Description:

Construction of an Irish crossing in the city of Abu Rudeis on the coastal road tunnel – Sharm El-Sheikh
Construction of an industrial canal with a length of 6 km to drain the Wadi Baabaa torrent.

  • Irish crossing in Wadi Baabaa

The total length is 600 m wide as the coastal road Reinforced concrete length 350 m Asphalt length 250 m Cladding rubble with mortar to protect the crossing 12500 m3.

  • An artificial channel for the drainage of torrential water Bawadi Baabaa

Length 6 km, Width 30 m, Height 3 m

Client : National General Contracting & Supplies Co.

Project Status: Completed