About Us

Benaa designs, supervise, and manage mega projects with a strict commitment to its clients.

Benaa adds value for its clients through managing sustainable projects with the latest techniques.

Benaa delivers projects across a wide variety of sectors, such as: commercial, residential, healthcare, education, infrastructure and industrial, and is a consultant of choice for all the major private and the government entities.

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Years Experience

We are a professional project consulting company

Organized for a Multi-disciplined Practices of Architecture and Engineering Disciplines. Our Team has Participated in many major Projects throughout Egypt, the Middle East and Central Asia. Our Experience in the Consulting Field of Services  and Our List of Projects are attached Herewith and are Presented as Follows

Our Working Process


Pre-Construction Services

  • Problem diagnosis and Probing.
  • Design Work, Review.
  • Budget Monitoring and Control.
  • Value Engineering and Life-Cycle Costing.
  • Site investigation and data collection.
  • Geotechnical investigation.
  • Data storage and retrieval.
  • Coordination, Evaluation, Selection, and Recommendation of Designand Engineering Firms.
  • Financial Analysis and Assessment of investment rate of return.
  • Feasibility Studies.
  • Cost Estimating and Budget Allocation.
  • Design Schedule Management and Action plans.
  • Regulatory and Approval Management.
  • Mapping and surveying.
  • Hydrological studies.
  • Analytical sampling.


Post-Construction Service

  • Time Management & Reporting.
  • Contract Administration.
  • Claims Analysis And Reviews.
  • Cost Management.
  • Documents Control System.
  • Safety Management (Optional).
  • Start-Up Assistance.
  • Move-In Assistance.
  • Warranty Review.
  • Obtaining Required Permits for Project Commissioning.
  • Operations and Maintenance Planning.
  • Operational Training.
  • Record Drawing Management.
  • Supervision Work.

Our Partners