Dam qafl to protect the New Valley Governorate from floods and the optimal use of the water of the fourth spillway -Toshka

Project Description:

The dam contributes to the protection of oases in the New Valley Governorate from the risk of floods and to optimize the use of water in the fourth spillway for use in agriculture purposes and increases the storage capacity of the area of Al-Mafayd to 80 billion cubic meters of water.
The dam consists of formations of impermeable water drainage soils coated with a layer of 6-tooth stones and a layer of artificial fabric other rubble buildings. The dam has at the bottom two pipes each with a diameter of 2 m with gates to control the passage of water. The level of the top of the dam is 164 m and the highest pipes are at the level of 147 m and Dam dimensions (length 500 m width at the bottom 110 m width at the top 16 m height 17 m)

Client: National General Contracting & Supplies Co.

Project Status: ongoing