National Infrastructure Projects for Development – Intake 24- North Sinai

Project Description:

The projects of the National Infrastructure for the Development of North Sinai include the construction of freshwater intakes, pipe networks and basins in order to provide fresh water necessary for the cultivation of North Sinai

Fresh water outlet No. 24 on the left mainland of Sheikh Jaber Al-Sabah Canal at kilo 81.500
The pump station has 6 pumps that dispense each pump 75. m3/s to irrigate approximately 10,000 acres divided into 24 pieces, ranging in size from 200 to 600 acres.
The project consists of a pump station, transformer rooms, an absorbing basin from the outlet, the supply and installation of mechanical and electrical tasks for the pump station and the electrical transformer station, connecting and connecting the expulsion pipes and main pipelines and their inclusions with the basins.

Client: National General Contracting & Supplies Co.

Project Status: ongoing